Carolina Skiff DLV198 Elite Boat Reviews

James Blake
Summary: Worse experience of my life
September 1st, 2014

In Sept. 2004 Hurricane Ivan destroyed my 198 DLX Carolina Skiff as well as our home and everything else.  We rebuild in 2009 and after moving back home I went boat shopping.  I settled on a Carolina Skiff 198 DLV Elite with a 115 HP Yamaha four stroke four stroke.

I purchased my boat at a Carolina Skiff recommended dealerwship in Tallahassee, FLorida called Tri-State Marine.  I paid cash of a little over $20,000 for my boat in June for pickup in July 2011.  My son-in-law on his way over from Jacksonville stoped in to pickup my boat.  It was not ready, not even close.  After a delay of over four hours he picked up my boat and came to Pensacola.  We launchad my new boat and the fun began, well almost.  We launched the boat and made it approximately 3 miles and the engine quit and we had to be towed to our home.  Great Start.

Tri State took the boat back and cleaned the injecters and ran the boat and returned it.  We used it one day trouble free and then it started to run very slow and cuting out.

To cut a story short I have owned this Carolina skiff for three years and have not be able to use it without having to be towed back to land.

Water keeps entering the bildge from somewhere and then into the fuel tank.  This occurrs almost everytime this boat is used.  I have been in touch with Tri-State Marine until they just quit working on this unit.  I have kept Carolina Skiff informed about all of my troubles and have not had one iota of help from them in regard to my boat and the problems I have had.

I pulled the boat after refueling it and pulled the plug.  There was not water in the bildge.  We washed the boat after putting the plug back.  After washing a self bailing hulled boat we drained over 16 gallons of water from the bilge.  Water enters the bilge from the inside and has done so since it was new.

Carolina skiff has not done anything to help correct this problem so literally I still have a new boat that doesn't work.  A man that pumped my fuel tank told me that if water is getting innto my fuel tank like it does there has to be fumes in the bilge and this could cause an explosion.

Carolina Skiff took the boat to a local dealer to have it checked and it has now been there for six weeks while we sit over Labor Day with the use of this boat yet another time. 

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