Avalon Catalina 22 Boat Reviews

Summary: Buyer Beware
October 15th, 2014

BUYER BEWARE: I'm warning all potential boat owners STAY AWAY from Bill Rose and Avalon will NEVER-EVER get what you paid for! And after they get your money-NO ONE will return your call! This is the 3rd new boat I've owned and have never dealt with such scammers...I wish someone would have warned me!


Bill Rose and Avalon Pontoons sells defective and sub-standard merchandise. Although there is a printed brochure with a stated warranty, Bill Rose and Avalon Pontoons does not abide it. The Avalon Pontoon boat was delivered missing components and defective. Bill Rose had the boat for 5-months (limiting boat use May-October)...and never corrected the issues. Some of the issues with the boat are: Steering problems, F/R shifting problems, bent frame, radio not working, no marine rated horn, control harness drags in the water, scratches in counsel, and snap-on cover does not fit.


Both Bill Rose and Avalon Pontoons made several broken promises to correct the issues over the 5-month period that they had the boat.


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